Friday, August 15, 2014

- I’ve worked 40 hours this week and still need to go into the office tomorrow (and probably work at home Sunday).

-I had to stop by staples on the way home to get supplies for one of the projects I’m working on. Four out of the five people working there didn’t know what vellum was. How.

-I also bought a new mouse pad and it’s making me feel better about my situation.

-One of my designs for a big project I’ve been working on (100k) was approved today. The client even asked my opinion on what design they should pick! (that has never happened to me before). It was definitely some good news that was much needed.

-Just ate a large plate of bacon.

Six months ago, Brett and I encountered a hideous painting at goodwill. After trying to convince me that it would look great in our apartment and that we should buy it, we left empty handed. Little did Brett know, I was texting my mom and organizing a plan to buy and store the painting until Brett’s birthday, on August third.

Happy birthday Brett! I love you