I love my house.

I used to hate living in the country when I was younger. I envied kids who lived in town and could just ride their bikes to friends houses when ever they wanted. The closest thing to my house is fern ridge lake, and that’s a mile away. As I have gotten older, I have really gotten attached to the clean air, quiet, and privacy of the country.

I also really miss having animals. I miss having 6-7 sheep to run around with, and cows to make grass salads for. I also miss chickens and turkeys and pheasants. The only animals I would want that we never had when I was a kid would be peacocks..but they serve no purpose and are extremely loud and rude. JESUS they yell like they are getting murdered. and from what I’ve heard, They like to scream especially at night. HAHA how nice of them.

and absolutely NO pigs. Pigs are mean awful creatures that try to eat children.

Last night I had a dream that Deogie (my dog) ran away. I was crying hysterically and searching for him, but couldn’t find any trace of him. I hate when I have dreams like that. I was telling Byron today that when I was younger, I was really attached to our car (a blue geo metro) and I would have dreams about us having to sell it, and wake up crying.


Of course I’m the kind of child that would cry about a car, I am so weird.