"You squander the gift of life?"

I forgot to share a picture, or if you want to get really literal, two pictures of my uncle’s cat from our Seattle trip..

Every time this cat would walk into the room, my brother would recite a quote from the 10,000 saw movies

He looks just like jigsaw. Well, enough like him. When I saw the cat, that’s what I thought of.. some people agreed. That’s enough for me! I can’t remember what his real name though, HE IS ONLY JIGSAW TO ME. It was an inside joke more than anything else, I don’t know why I’m telling you, tumblr. And what’s up with your website not capitalizing the title? Do you not take yourself seriously? You think you’ll appeal to the hip young trendy “im not going to captalize my i’s” crowd? Or T’s in your case.

I’m not buying it.