Six months ago, Brett and I encountered a hideous painting at goodwill. After trying to convince me that it would look great in our apartment and that we should buy it, we left empty handed. Little did Brett know, I was texting my mom and organizing a plan to buy and store the painting until Brett’s birthday, on August third.

Happy birthday Brett! I love you

Just found this in my drafts, forgot to post.

A friend of mine got onto my facebook account after I left it open last night. Then he made me “attend” three family reunions with people I’ve never met, and posted comments on every single one. Some of the things “I” said were:

I miss you all, especially Uncle Jeff”

 "Best time I ever had"

"See you guys next year!"

And my favorite: 

 They say kissing your cousin is ok if they’re second or third on the bloodline, right? Oh well ;)”