My phone is not reliable where I live. I have one tiny speck on my service bar most of the time. although taking a break from phone calls and texts can be refreshing, missing out on job opportunities is not. I received a voicemail at 3:00 AM last Thursday-but no missed call. Awed by this interesting occurrence, I went back to sleep, assuring myself it must have been a telemarketer. The next day I was working trying to finish a poster for the party we were having on Sunday (more about that later), I suddenly checked my phone and remembered the odd voicemail. Now more curious than confused, I checked it. It was one of my teachers telling me that I had been selected, along with 3 other students, to work on a project for school and a meeting for this project would be the following Friday at 10:00 am, the 2nd. The call was from the 29th. THE 29th. My phone decided to tell me a week and a half later.

I had then decided my phone didn’t want me to be happy, or to have money. Quickly I ran to the house phone and called my teacher back. We chatted for a while and I apologized for my phones rude behavior. She was sorry that I couldn’t get into the project she originally called me about, but then told me that she was setting up a studio class this term for full time students to get experience at Lane doing web work. Minimum wage (which I will take with open arms because anything is better than zero) 10-20 hours a week. I was very excited by this news, but not as much as my family who took turns hugging and congratulating me for more than 40 minutes.

We had our annual Tony Danza Seafood Extravaganza on Sunday. My Uncle and Aunt came down from Washington and we had great food. Grilled tuna and veggies, German potatoes, corn on the cob, and of course, one or two pies that my Grandma found on sale at Fred Meyers. This is the fifth party we’ve had, but the first to have a poster made. I worked on it last week and sent it to my uncle on Thursday morning. My Uncle and Aunt work at a hardware store up in Washington (they are in charge of tech stuff). They recently acquired a large scale printer for making signs and adverts for their store. What better way to test it then with a poster with Tony Danza’s face on it? (I can’t think of a better one). So, I sent off the files. Saturday, My relatives arrived with 6 tightly rolled yet quite long posters. Unrolling them was very exciting for me, since the largest scale I’ve ever seen my work is 11 by 17. These posters were 24 by 36, something I never imagined paying for, much less getting for free. I was so pleased with how they came out, no pixelation, no mistakes that I missed for working on a tiny screen, nothing! They were and are wonderful. “frame worthy” to quote my uncle, who was adamant on pointing out “we can do this again” and “our printer and print even larger” although he also failed to mention, until he arrived, that he’s not “allowed” to use the printer for his own projects. In any case, I am very happy with how the poster and the party turned out-it was a great time.