I really liked my outfit today, even though I only went out for a couple hours. My Mom, Grandma, and I went to Jerry’s to go get tiles for the back room. Hopefully we can get the back room done this week so we can buy the new washer and dryer, which is really exciting. I’ll finally be able to wash my pillow cases and sheets more regularly, and warm up my jeans/dresses in the morning.

I also wore my boots for the first time today. It took about an hour for my feet to start hurting…but they weren’t hard to walk in at all! I surprised myself. I’m also pretty sure this is the only outfit that looks good with these boots and belt-I tried a bunch of different things but this is the only combo I liked. I guess I was a little over dressed to just go run errands, but it made me feel a little better about myself, which is something I desperately need right now.

I have only been sleeping 3-4 hours a night, sometimes even less. that fact alone is making me feel old/ugly. I go to bed early, but lay in bed for hours. I even bought some sleeping pills, but it didn’t do anything. My mom thinks it’s stress related, and she’s probably right, which makes it even harder to manage, since I need to get things done. I really don’t want to get sick either. But if I can’t sleep, I’m in danger of getting the flu..